Svetlana Jaraud

A native of France, Svetlana has coordinated bilingual productions for more than seven years, including The Spiral (nominated for the Emmy Awards in 2013) and Cupkins (2015 Finalist for Best Social/Casual Game at the Canadian Videogames Awards). Fascinated with opportunities that embrace transmedia universes, her goal upon graduation was to get international experience and learn from every single media source. So far she has accomplished three: television, books and (video) games. Those experiences allowed her to better understand each industry, which has considerably broadened her conceptual and problem-solving skills when it comes to building multi platform narratives. She integrated into the free-to-play video game industry in Germany in 2013 working for Wooga, then moved back to Canada where she coordinated the production of War Room, an Augmented Reality game using Microsoft’s Hololens prototype. Svetlana holds a Master’s Degree in Multi-Platform Content Scriptwriting in Audiovisual and Multimedia Production and completed her master thesis on ‘How to produce and sustain a product of convergence between multiple industries?’.

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