Workout With Sidney Crosby

Workout With Sidney Crosby is an interactive website that takes you into the gym with one of the NHL’s greatest hockey players. Sidney Crosby and his strength trainer Andy O’Brien demonstrate a new set of exercise skills each week. No matter what sport you play, your skill level, or what goals you’ve set, these exercise progressions have been expertly designed to improve athletic performance and kinetic efficiency for anybody.

Developed for Sympatico / MSN by Stitch Media, Workout With Sidney Crosby features a weekly video series of exercise sets, print out instructions to take to the gym, interviews with both Sidney and Andy, a video glossary of terms, and the ability for users to track their progress and share with friends. Both educational and fun, Workout With Sidney Crosby gives users a first hand look into what makes an efficient athlete while encouraging them to reinvent their own workout. In addition, a half-hour TV show is packaged to air on Bell ExpressVu and Pay Per View channels to encourage viewers to shape up for the new year. The TV version offers highlights from the video content produced for the website and directs the audience to participate and find out more each week from the interactive experience.