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Max and Shred Games Promo

Fans can participate in Max and Shred’s fun-filled adventures -- and latest shenanigans -- by playing two innovative online games: Science Rush Shred has set up a science experiment in the kitchen that involves a laser-calibrated timing mechanism and it must NOT be disturbed. One bump and the research will be ruined. So he cannot believe it when Max invites all of the kids at Fro Yo Yo to a party at their house so the can view the footage of his latest snowboard competition. In this wholly original take on the ‘tower defense’ game mechanic, Shred assembles a group of ‘distractions’ – from snowballs to robotic cops – to ensure that the kids don’t make it to the front door, let alone into the house! Snowboard Challenge Max is nervous going into a snowboard competition because it is an elimination style tournament and he needs to get an escalating number of points in each run to qualify for the next round. Performing aerial stunts will earn points but proper landing is critical or Max will wipe out. He asks Shred for help and Shred suggests a rocket-powered ‘snowboard booster’ which will boost him off the ramps for maximum air time. Unfortunately Shred’s invention has some ‘quirks’ that will take both boys awhile to figure out.

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