Eighty Thousand Steps

A standing O. This is truly a lovely series, an inventive exploration of storytelling technology and a beautiful tribute to your grandmother.
I was very moved and teary throughout. The sound design: just stunning. Original, dramatic and delicate in equal measure.
This is truly a lovely series, [and] an inventive exploration of storytelling technology.

Ready for an inspiring journey? Here’s the twist. You power this story—with your footsteps.

Take a walk in someone else’s shoes. Uncover a long-buried secret. Welcome to a story like no other. Walk the dog, run an errand, stroll the park, take a coffee break around the block. You can even run or jog, hit the treadmill, step machine, or elliptical. Now listen. And be prepared: this will move you in every way. Body, mind, and heart. A cinematic saga for the ears. An intimate personal secret, dipped in folklore and magic.

Eighty Thousand Steps is a unique, genre-bending interactive podcast about family and migration, inspired by the true story of journalist Crystal Chan’s search for what really happened to her grandmother as a refugee. Follow the clues beyond the headlines. How do you keep going, no matter where life takes you? A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. What step will you take today?

Created in collaboration between Stitch Media and Crystal Chan, as one of eight projects selected for the CBC/Canada Council of the Arts Creation Accelerator Program.

Client: Crystal Chan

Production & Development: Stitch Media

This project was produced in partnership with CBC and the Canada Council for the Arts.