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Darknet Files

Darknet Files is interactive horror for the 21st Century: a community of collectors on the fringe admiring violence as art and sharing disturbing stories online.

Darknet Files entices fans to discover clues and roleplay alongside the show’s characters to co-create the dark community portrayed in the television series. Invasive and perverse, Darknet Files reached outside the web to capture users’ faces via webcam to insert into footage and started to communicate via telephone switchboard until it surrounded and profiled fans.

The web exclusive finale solved the mystery of a recurring masked killer - as players closed in on the assassin, Darknet began to close in on them. In the end, every participant received a simple and haunting message: Are you next?

This horror project taught us this genre’s fans are very intensely engaged and placed Stitch Media in the 100th percentile of social media engagement. In our projections for Broken Spectre, we have deliberately targeted horror fans to capitalize on our experience in this niche community. Darknet Files was nominated as Best in Cross Platform Fiction at the Canadian Screen Awards 2015.

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