Contracts in Action: Employment Law

York University partnered with Stitch Media through eCampus Ontario’s Virtual Learning Strategy (VLS) program to design an interactive simulation for employment law students in Ontario. The simulation focused on a fictional employment law case designed to encourage critical thinking and legal case analysis. The simulation focuses on best practices when tackling a new legal case as a junior lawyer.

With a playthrough of approximately 15 minutes, the user is invited to play the role of an employment lawyer.  The simulation includes questions in multiple formats, as well as a persistent note-taking feature that allows the user to keep track of their thinking. The goal of the note taking feature is to encourage further case analysis. Notes can be exported at the end of the simulation for future user reference.

Our team conducted tests with students from York University to enhance student learning through diverse features such as the note-taking tool and replay buttons for every decision point, as well as varied question types to encourage thoughtful analysis.

The simulation case scenario was developed based on research and professional experiences related to the subject matter. The scripts were written by students and employment law experts at York University, and Stitch Media produced the live action videos and educational platform. The simulation was designed using JSON in our React framework for simulation architecture. Our intention was to create a realistic and accurate scenario for students in order to further their understanding of Ontario employment law.