Bad at This

In a culture that constantly rewards perfection and productivity, Bad at This reveals whimsically poignant stories about young people who suck at their hobbies and love them anyway. Failure is wrapped up in so much baggage - anxiety, stress, intimidation, and social pressure. This documentary celebrates unique characters that have embraced failure and released themselves from a mindset of constant optimizing and improvement.

Counterintuitively, this release is an innovative path to better mental health - letting go of judgement and failing at what you love. Over 6 episodes, Bad at This profiles diverse individuals who speak candidly about what they suck at, and why they enjoy working at it. These characters delve into their emotions and motivations; with an emphasis on how sucking at an activity is contributing to their overall mental health, and changing their perspective on their identity. They talk about the satisfaction they feel completing a task without worrying about doing it right, and the space they create for self-discovery, self-acceptance, and joy.